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Performative Membrane Spaces

“The intensive studio experimented with form-finding procedures for lightweight membrane and cable-net structures. Single membrane patches and membrane assemblies were analysed with regards to their environmental performance, considering their geometry and orientation towards environmental input within a specific context. Light (luminous flow, illuminance, shading and self-shading) and airflow studies informed the design of specific membrane arrangements. Physical modelling was complemented by the production of digital models of work in progress. The end result of the masterclass was a series of membrane and cable-net pavilion prototype designs at a scale of 1/10”

+UTS_University of technology of Sydney 2007 +Tutor: Michael Hensel and Defne Sunguroglu (Ocean North / Architectural Association.)
+Students: Sam kashuk, Mads Brath, Nicholas Jacobsson and Diana Quintero.

This is an independent installation for EDAW in which we were applying some of the membrane system techniques that we developed with Michael Hensel and Defne Sunguroglu  in the master class 2007 at UTS. In the first stage of the project different physical models were made in order to examine the performance of the material as well as their responsiveness to solar radiation. Next a 6 x 4 m installation was placed in site at EDWA offices in Sydney.

Team members: +Arch. Ben Woollen, Design: Diana Q. de Saul
+Sydney 2009

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