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Busan Opera House
The proposal consists of an organic building-scape which allows for a variety of recreational and educational activities while creating a cultural icon for Busan. The building is organized around three principal wavelengths generated parametrically based on the pre-existing local tensions: a stunning ocean view to the west, a bustling city to the east, and a thriving cultural district to the south. From this parametric interaction the building emerges as the non-linear product of three analogical volumes. Each component can function independently yet is part of the same overall structure, inter-connected through the control point-responsive use of smooth spatial transitions.
These three volumes comprise: an opera house with a capacity of 2000 people, a multi-purpose theater with a capacity of 1500, and an art exposition room for exhibits and rehearsals. The central plaza functions as an articulatory component serving as a meeting point and public space for social activities and includes a multi-use amphitheater. The use of roof gardens allows for the important application of green energy technology, effectively integrating the lush regional environment with the city Opera.

Project team: Project Design: Diana Quintero de saul ,  Interior Design: Alejandro Munevar ,  Rendering: Carlos Andres Escobar
Client: Busan Metropolitan City government



Busan Opera House Proposal | Diana Q. de Saul & Alejendro Munevar


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